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; Custom language files can be found and shared with other users on VisiPics' website


File                 = ملف
File_AddFolder       = اضف ملف...
File_LoadProject     = تحميل مشروع...
File_SaveProject     = حفظ مشروع...
File_SaveIgnores     = حفظ الصور المتجاهلة
File_Exit            = خروج

Edit                 = تعيدل
Edit_Marked          = معلمة
Edit_Ignore          = تجاهل
Edit_IgnoreGroup     = تجاهل مجموعة
Edit_Rename          = اعادة تسمية هذا الملف...
Edit_Move            = نقل هذا الملف...

View                 = عرض
View_NextPage        = الصفحة التالية
View_PreviousPage    = الصفحة السابقة
View_PreviewResized  = Preview resized
View_PreviewFull     = Preview full size
View_SlowPreview     = Slow preview display
View_ShowDifferences = Show differences

Tools                = Tools
Tools_UnIgnore       = Un-ignore
Tools_UnSelect       = Un-select
Tools_IgnoreFolder   = Ignore folder
Tools_AutoSelect     = Auto-select

Actions              = Actions
Actions_Move         = Move
Actions_Delete       = Delete

Options              = Options
Options_ShowHidden   = Show hidden folders
Options_SubFolders   = Include subfolders
Options_ScanRotation = Scan for 90° rotations
Options_BetweenDirs  = Between folders only
Options_MoveFilter   = Loosen filter automatically
Options_Slower       = Slower processing
Options_ThreadsSync  = Threads sync
Options_ConfirmClose = Confirm to close VisiPics

Languages            = Languages
Languages_EN         = English
Languages_FR         = Français
Languages_CUS        = Custom

Window               = Window
Window_Balloon       = Balloon informations
Window_Minimize      = Minimize to tray

Help                 = Help
Help_VisiPics        = VisiPics help...
Help_Donation        = Please donate...
Help_About           = About...


Stat_Remaining       = Remaining files .......
Stat_LoadedPics      = Loaded pictures .......
Stat_ToCompare       = To compare ............
Stat_DupePics        = Duplicate pictures.....
Stat_DupeGroups      = Duplicate groups ......

Tab_Filter           = Filter
Tab_Loader           = Loader
Tab_AutoSelect       = Auto-Select

Filter_Strict        = Strict
Filter_Basic         = Basic
Filter_Loose         = Loose
Filter_Explanation   = The slider determines how strictly the program checks for similarities between the images. Strict means it checks if an image is the same or slightly different, loose allows for a greater amount of differences.

Loader_Question      = What pictures will be loaded ?
Loader_BiggerThan    = Bigger than
Loader_And           = and
Loader_SmallerThan   = Smaller than

ASelect_Question     = What pictures will be selected first?
ASelect_Uncompressed = Uncompressed filetype
ASelect_LowerRes     = Lower resolution
ASelect_SmallerSize  = Smaller filesize
ASelect_Then         = then my least prefered directories...

Tool_Tools           = Tools
Tool_UnIgnore        = Un-ignore
Tool_UnSelect        = Un-select
Tool_IgnoreFolder    = Ignore folder
Tool_AutoSelect      = Auto-select

Action_Actions       = Actions
Action_Move          = Move
Action_Delete        = Delete
Action_About         = About
Action_MoveThis      = Move
Action_Rename        = Rename


Stop                 = Stop all work
Start                = Start to find duplicate pictures
Pause                = Pause the comparator (thumb list won't change, but pictures are still being loaded)

Thumb_PageDown       = Previous page (Page-down)
Thumb_PageUp         = Next page (Page-up)

Stat_Timer           = Work time (double-click to reset)
Stat_Loader          = Number of pictures loaded
Stat_Comparator      = Number of pictures compared

Folder_Add           = Add selected folder to the list to work on
Folder_Remove        = Remove a folder from the list to work on
Folder_List          = List of folders to work on
Folder_Up            = Increase folder priority (used by Auto-select)
Folder_Down          = Lower folder priority (used by Auto-select)

Tool_UnIgnore        = Removes all ignores in the thumb list
Tool_UnSelect        = Remove all marks in the thumb list
Tool_IgnoreFolder    = Find the files in selected folder to ignore them
Tool_AutoSelect      = Mark files automatically

Action_Move          = Move the files marked to the selected folder
Action_Delete        = Delete the files marked as such in the thumb list
Action_About         = Display informations about VisiPics
Action_MoveThis      = Move current previewed file
Action_Rename        = Rename current previewed file

Preview              = Preview (double-click opens container)
Preview_Zoom         = Zoom


Ok                   = Ok
Cancel               = Cancel

File_Original        = Original Filename
File_New             = New Filename

WorkInProgress       = Work in progress
PleaseWait           = Please wait...


Title_Rename         = Rename File
Title_Work           = Work in progress...
Title_Directory      = Pick a directory...

Loading              = Loading:
LoadingComplete      = Loading complete:
SaveIgnoresComplete  = Saving ignored pictures complete.

Pic_Marked           = MARKED
Pic_Ignore           = IGNORE

Err_Folder_Title     = Error adding folder
Err_Folder_l1        = This folder is already included in:
Err_Folder_l2        = If you want to manage subfolders manually, empty the worklist and uncheck the option "Include subfolders"

Err_FolderSel_Title  = Error adding folder
Err_FolderSel_l1     = This folder is already selected:

FolderRem_Title      = Removing folder in progress:
FolderRem            = Removed folder:

Status_Info          = Right-Click on a preview picture to switch size

Prefix_GigeByte      = gb
Prefix_MegaByte      = mb
Prefix_KiloByte      = kb
Prefix_Byte          = b
Prefix_Pixel         = px

Closing_Confirm      = Are you sure you want to close VisiPics?

Action_Move          = Moved
Action_Pictures      = pictures
Action_Delete        = Deleted
Action_Complete      = Action completed
Action_Error         = Move/Delete error
Action_NoFiles       = No files were selected...
Action_AutoSelect    = Auto "Mark" pictures?
Action_MarkWarning   = Warning! This will never affect groups with at least one "Marked" picture!
Action_ASComplete_l1 = Auto-Select complete
Action_ASComplete_l2 = Marked pictures are stroked red
Action_Ignore_l1     = "Ignore" pictures in folder and sub-folders of:
Action_Ignore_l2     = Warning! This will unselect all "Marked" pictures from those folders!
Action_IComplete_l1  = Ignore-Folder complete
Action_IComplete_l2  = Ignored pictures are stroked green
Action_INoFiles      = No more files added to ignore list
Action_Unselect      = Untag all "Marked" pictures?
Action_USComplete_l1 = Unselect complete
Action_USComplete_l2 = All marks have been removed
Action_UnIgnore      = Untag all "Ignored" pictures?
Action_UIComplete_l1 = Unignore complete
Action_UIComplete_l2 = All ignores have been removed

Page                 = Page
PageOf               = of

Err_Rename_l1        = Rename error
Err_Rename_l2        = A file named
Err_Rename_l3        = already exists!

Working              = Working:
WorkComplete         = Work complete
Compare              = Compared
WorkReady            = Work ready
Load                 = Loaded

Slower_l1            = With this option, VisiPics gives more time to your system, limiting (but not removing) freezes which could occur while working. The downside however, is that VisiPics will take more time to scan your pictures (consider about 50% slower). Use this only if you are going to be actively using other applications while VisiPics is running.
Slower_l2            = Note that for obscure reasons, on computers with little memory, this option could actually make processing faster.
Slower_l3            = Are you sure you want to use slower processing?

ThreadSync_l1        = This option has been added to solve the crash problem happening on some configurations.
ThreadSync_l2        = When unchecked, VisiPics uses HyperThreading or DualCore's whole power.
ThreadSync_l3        = When checked, the Loader and Comparator are synced, reducing this crash risk and VisiPics speed.
ThreadSync_l4        = Try it, and see if it works without crashing on your computer!
ThreadSync_l5        = Are you sure you want to disable the Thread Sync?

Err_Project_title    = Error loading Project File
Err_Project_l1       = VisiPics was unable to load this project file.
Err_Project_l2       = VisiPics 1.2 files are not compatible with VisiPics 1.3.

Warn_Delete_l1       = VisiPics is about to delete all marked files!
Warn_Delete_l2       = Deleted files are sent to the Trash bin.

Warn_Move            = VisiPics is about to move all marked files to: 

Init_NewValues       = Initializing new values...
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