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(Full language files)
(Full language files)
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* [[French]]
* [[French]]
* [[German]]
* [[German]]
* [[Greek]]
* [[Spanish]]
* [[Spanish]]
* [[Italian]] (by Goet)
* [[Italian]] (by Goet)

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VisiPics 1.30 is now multi-lingual.

It means you can now translate the software in your own language, and share it with other users through this wiki. Don't be frightened though, this is a very simple process !

The base install package offers (for now) two languages: English and French. There is a third option called "Custom", for your own language.

Full language files

Copy/Paste, improve or provide your own language files here:

The language files

Launch Windows Explorer, then open VisiPics' installation directory (commonly "C:\Program Files\VisiPics\").

The language files are named:

  • Lang-EN.ini : for English
  • Lang-FR.ini : for French
  • Lang-CUS.ini : for Custom language

You can open those files with your prefered text editor (ie: notepad).

PS: Please ignore the email in the files, it's a mistake and shouldn't be here *shame*. It will be removed on the next corrective release... Thank you.

Creating my own language file

Open Lang-CUS.ini with your text editor. It contains a list of sentences. In the exemple below, the red part must stay untouched, and the green can be translated :


File                 = File
File_AddFolder       = Add folder...
File_LoadProject     = Load project...
File_SaveProject     = Save project...
File_SaveIgnores     = Save ignored pictures
File_Exit            = Exit

See the same file for the French language:


File                 = Fichier
File_AddFolder       = Ajouter un dossier...
File_LoadProject     = Charger un projet...
File_SaveProject     = Sauver un projet...
File_SaveIgnores     = Sauver les images ignorées
File_Exit            = Quitter

Once done, open VisiPics, in the options menu choose "Languages->Custom". Immediatly the software will load your language file, so you can check if your new sentences fit the interface correctly.

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