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=== Evolutions ===
=== Evolutions ===
- Added new languages based on user files provided on the wiki
* Added new languages based on user files provided on the wiki
- Fixed a problem with some options not being saved and reloaded correctly
* Fixed a problem with some options not being saved and reloaded correctly
- Fixed the "Between directories" option
* Fixed the "Between directories" option
== Version 1.30 ==
== Version 1.30 ==

Latest revision as of 20:22, 4 February 2013


Version 1.31

Development Conclusion

This is a maintenance version to fix a few bugs reported through the years, and add the additional languages provided by the community. Thank you all for the translations! The future now is to write VisiPics 2.00 from scratch, in a new programming language.


  • Added new languages based on user files provided on the wiki
  • Fixed a problem with some options not being saved and reloaded correctly
  • Fixed the "Between directories" option

Version 1.30

Development Conclusion

It has been one year exactly since the latest version. VisiPics is used worldwide, downloaded everyday more than a thousand times, despite the fact its interface is completly in english.

A ton of comments has reached my ears. The ignore options lacking usuability. No translations. No RAW formats. Those three major problems found a solution. This version allows VisiPics to scan more formats thanks to the inclusion of RAW files. It looks for 90° rotated pictures. And includes true multi-lingual support.

You can help !

In the VisiPics install directory, you can find files called "Lang-XX.ini". Open them with a text editor and make your own translation, or improve the official ones! Then, share it on the official Wiki. If needed, "Lang-CUS.ini" is a special file for your own custom language.

VisiPics is the work of one individual. It is free... Donations and feedback are very welcome.


  • Added a loader for the RAWs formats
  • Added the "Languages" menu options
  • Added "Scan for 90° rotations" menu option (comparison 3x slower, more false-positives)
  • Added a save for ignored pictures
  • Added Page-down and Page-up shortcuts to change page
  • Improved the icons graphics
  • Replaced image size auto-ignore by the Loader's configuration panel
  • Now starts automatically after a project load
  • Now display file's date on the picture information bar
  • Now the tools window is centered in the main window
  • Fixed a conflict in the preview and comparator leading to freezes
  • Fixed the layout problems appearing with "big fonts"
  • Fixed the save of the "Show Hidden Folders" preference
  • Fixed a crash in the "Save Project..." option
  • Fixed a malfunction with the special folder "My Pictures"
  • Fixed the initialization lag on floppies
  • Fixed incorrect auto-stop before work completion
  • Fixed frame's sizes when screen is different than 96dpi on Vista
  • Fixed the picture information bar on Vista
  • Fixed animations on Vista
  • Fixed VisiPics not appearing in the taskbar on Vista

Version 1.25

Development Conclusion

We found some major bugs in the previous version.

This release fixes three problems:


  • Fixed a bug while loading "Slower VisiPics" and "ThreadSync" preferences
  • Fixed a bug with "Slower VisiPics" making it awfully slow
  • Fixed a ThreadSync problem causing loss of ressources and speed

Version 1.22

Development Conclusion

I got many functionnality requests and feedback about how to improve VisiPics since the last two years. I did my best to satisfy most of them, even though some of those requests are extremly interesting, I couldn't implement them yet... Sorry for this.

The interface now offers even more possibilities and its ergonomy modified following user's comments. You will especially appreciate the new filter and improved comparison algorythm : VisiPics detects even more duplicates and gives way less false-positives than before.

VisiPics is the work of one individual. It is freeware... If you like it : please donate.


  • Added "Save project..." (save files take about 5mb per 1000 pics)
  • Added "Ignore huge images" menu option (prevent computer overload)
  • Added "Threads Sync" menu option (prevent a crash on some configurations)
  • Added "Minimize to tray" menu option
  • Added "Balloon informations" menu option and removed old modal windows
  • Added "Between directories only" menu option
  • Added "Add folder..." menu option
  • Added the possibility to Zoom the preview picture
  • Added double-click on the preview picture to open container
  • Added configuration saving to registry
  • Added "Pick a directory..." box on move and ignore-folder
  • Added visual display of differences between pictures
  • Added a count of space saved when moving or deleting pictures
  • Added graphics for some buttons (this fixes buttons with Wine on Linux)
  • Added a dark transparent box over Marked and Ignored pictures
  • Added eye candy in the installer
  • Improved the About Box graphics
  • Now page index cycle between the first and last page
  • Now forces "Stop" after work is done
  • Improved the directory tree box
    • Added special folders Desktop, My Documents, My Pictures
    • Better icons with transparency
    • Fixed incorrect folders sorting
  • Improved the comparison algorythm
    • Now ponderate the neural network using picture's luminosity
    • Added a new filter for pictures with uniform background
    • Fixed a base color index problem causing some dupes to be ignored
  • Tuned the expert/default values for "Loose" comparison
  • Fixed minor language mistakes
  • Moved "Slow preview display" option to the view menu
  • Fixed the "Number of groups" counter while merging two groups together
  • Fixed the filename display cut from right if too long
  • Fixed incorrect count of files moved/deleted
  • Fixed incorrect report of success with ignore if no files were found
  • Fixed PayPal's donation page to English instead of French :(

PS: Thanks Chris for the new icons and logo!

Version 1.1

Development Conclusion

A lot of work has been spent to the user interface on this new version. VisiPics will try to approach the quality of professional softwares, while trying to stay as simple as possible. The directory list has been completly reworked for an easier to use and more modern feel. You will especially appreciate the new "Ignore" option, to protect the pictures you care most about.

VisiPics is a freeware, but if you like it, please donate. Every single Euros or Dollar is welcome!


  • Added Donate button ( please help :)
  • Added help file
  • Added XP style interface, Windows XP-like OSes only
  • Added the number of estimated files remaining to load
  • Added application menubar
  • Added "Slower processing" option
  • Added "Include subfolders" option
  • Added "Slow preview display"
  • Added Rename and Move for the previewed file
  • Added "Ignore" option to ignore specific pictures
    • Adapted Auto-Select to "Ignore" picture
    • Added "Auto-Ignore" and "Un-ignore" buttons
  • Added a "Move" button along with "Delete"
    • Changed text on the thumbnails from "DELETE" to "MARKED"
    • Changed the "Ready" checkbox for Yes/No Dialog Boxes
    • Now allows OS confirmations when moving/deleting
  • Improved the directory tree box
    • Open-Close a directory/my_computer to update the list
    • Added "Show hidden folders" option to the directory tree box
    • Can now resize the directory tree box
    • Added drag and drop from directory tree to selection list
  • Added worked time display
  • Added mouse over hints
  • Added confirmations and informations dialogs
  • Reduced Threads priority to prevent VisiPics stealing CPU's focus
  • Now disable Tools buttons while working
  • Fixed (I hope) a rare _random_ freeze bug
  • Fixed loader bug when adding a folder parent to an already selected folder
  • Fixed MouseWheel not working on the thumbnails list
  • Fixed minor alignment glitch with the informations text

Version 1.0


  • Fixed a crash in directories priority arrows
  • Fixed a conflict crash in AutoSelect, Unselect and Delete
  • Fixed a complex crash due to Windows' GDI limitations
  • Fixed animated pictures problem: they are not loaded anymore
  • Some minor fixes
  • Improved AutoSelect: Longer path first if more than one duplicate in prefered folder
  • Simplified the interface for more ergonomy
  • Probably added more bugs. gah! :)

Version BETA 3


  • Fixed initialization problems
  • Fixed a crash with very large groups of duplicates
  • Fixed a rare stack overflow crash in thumbnails creation
  • Fixed a sync problem between display and comparison engine's indexes
  • Fixed a bug when trying to delete nothing
  • Improved a little the loading speed (~3%)
  • Modified database locks, should improve performances and reduce freeze risks
  • Now unchecking "ready" after a click on "delete", for security
  • Added a progress bar when changing comparison parameters
  • Added pages system to fix a graphical bug when lots of groups exists
  • Added a filter to avoid picture borders confusing the comparison engine
  • Added a missing DLL to the Install Package
  • Added counters for loaded (active = old loaded), groups and duplicate pictures
  • Added a slider to resize to upper-right panel
  • Added the about box and changed the logo
  • Added text "delete" on pictures flagged for deletion to avoid any confusion
  • Added right-click to see the preview in true size, drag to move
  • Added a chained indexed list to remove comparison's exponential calculus factor
    • Comparison engine will be a lot faster on giant pictures lists
  • Probably added more bugs too! ;)

Version BETA 2


  • Fixed a crash in "Unselect"
  • Fixed a crash in the comparison engine
  • Fixed a bug in "AutoSelect" causing all pictures of a group being selected
  • Fixed a thread sync problem while removing a directory
  • Fixed a problem with files set for deletion not reseting correctly after a filter change
  • Fixed a minor bug in the directory selection
  • Fixed filename / size / resolution display so it is right-aligned
  • Improved "Unselect" speed
  • Improved greatly the graphical speed when lots of groups exists
  • Improved the Auto-Select algoryhtm
  • Improved the comparison engine speed
  • Improved the comparison algorythm
  • Tuned the expert/default values for the new comparison algorythm
  • Added more checks before sending files to trash bin
  • Added a progress bar to the removing directory process
  • Inversed in AutoSelect config "Filesize" and "Resolution" to fit the real algorythm

Version BETA 1

  • Initial version
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