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Version 1.25

To do...

Version 1.22

Development Conclusion

I got many functionnality requests and feedback about how to improve VisiPics since the last two years. I did my best to satisfy most of them, even though some of those requests are extremly interesting, I couldn't implement them yet... Sorry for this.

The interface now offers even more possibilities and its ergonomy modified following user's comments. You will especially appreciate the new filter and improved comparison algorythm : VisiPics detects even more duplicates and gives way less false-positives than before.

VisiPics is the work of one individual. It is freeware... If you like it : please donate.


  • Added "Save project..." (save files take about 5mb per 1000 pics)
  • Added "Ignore huge images" menu option (prevent computer overload)
  • Added "Threads Sync" menu option (prevent a crash on some configurations)
  • Added "Minimize to tray" menu option
  • Added "Balloon informations" menu option and removed old modal windows
  • Added "Between directories only" menu option
  • Added "Add folder..." menu option
  • Added the possibility to Zoom the preview picture
  • Added double-click on the preview picture to open container
  • Added configuration saving to registry
  • Added "Pick a directory..." box on move and ignore-folder
  • Added visual display of differences between pictures
  • Added a count of space saved when moving or deleting pictures
  • Added graphics for some buttons (this fixes buttons with Wine on Linux)
  • Added a dark transparent box over Marked and Ignored pictures
  • Added eye candy in the installer
  • Improved the About Box graphics
  • Now page index cycle between the first and last page
  • Now forces "Stop" after work is done
  • Improved the directory tree box
    • Added special folders Desktop, My Documents, My Pictures
    • Better icons with transparency
    • Fixed incorrect folders sorting
  • Improved the comparison algorythm
    • Now ponderate the neural network using picture's luminosity
    • Added a new filter for pictures with uniform background
    • Fixed a base color index problem causing some dupes to be ignored
  • Tuned the expert/default values for "Loose" comparison
  • Fixed minor language mistakes
  • Moved "Slow preview display" option to the view menu
  • Fixed the "Number of groups" counter while merging two groups together
  • Fixed the filename display cut from right if too long
  • Fixed incorrect count of files moved/deleted
  • Fixed incorrect report of success with ignore if no files were found
  • Fixed PayPal's donation page to English instead of French :(

PS: Thanks Chris for the new icons and logo!

Older versions

To do...

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