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This is my RoadMap for VisiPics' future evolutions. If you have good idea or wishes, we can discuss them in the discussion page. Remember this software is written on my free time. I can't promise a date of delivery, or if the version will ever exist.


What's going on ?

Two years and a half without a new version...

I have been very busy with life, and met a few technical issues with my development tools which prevented me from going further with VisiPics. It took me a long time to decide what to do, and I'm getting close to a conclusion. Version 1.4 is abandonned, we will directly jump to version 2.0.

I want this new version close to perfection.

Let's discuss : VisiPics version 2.0

VisiPics 1.4 (abandonned)

Considered for (not) July 2009 (no promises here (told you)). The RoadMap is not defined yet.

Future evolutions (To Do list)


  • Add two interfaces mode: basic and expert
  • Add a sort to thumbnails by similar images (differences, size, and resolution)
  • Add a watchdog in case an engine crash, to restart it
  • Add an option to have a reference Database to compare new files only
  • Add a report with the number of files to be deleted by directory
  • Add an ergonomic tool to confirm Auto-Selections, actions applies only on confirmed pictures
  • Display the larger images side by side for comparison
  • Improve the thumbnail display so it doesn't need "pages"
  • Improve the internal database's index algorythm to increase speed
  • Improve the auto-select options
  • Improve the comparison engine's memory managment to increase speed
  • Improve the algorithm to be more tolerant to heavy contrast and luminosity differences
  • Update ImageMagick to the latest version
  • Fix and improve the thumbnails display engine (including Thumbsize, and a label/filesize/resolution)
  • Fix and improve the projects engine
  • Fix and improve asynchronous multi-threading to use quad-cores
  • Find a way to theorically allow an unlimited amount of pictures to be loaded


  • Add multi-select to directory boxes (tree-box and selected folders list)
  • Add a count of the number of pictures being deleted/moved in the dialog
  • Add an option to hide ignored images
  • Add a small display on the thumbnail: format, resolution and size
  • Add if too many pictures are Marked for deletion, warn the user
  • Add "Newer picture by date" in auto-select configuration tab
  • Add which program is used to open a container
  • Add a command-line control
  • Add a "Mark all" action (for specific use)
  • Add an option to scroll up on every page change
  • Save the slider position before a scan, to reset it when "loosen filter" is on
  • Fix groups shouldn't disapear if only one image remains after a move
  • Fix a problem with project files loading ([More info]
  • Fix a freezing bug (The baloon says "VisiPics - Working: 17792700%")
  • Fix a problem preventing Samba FileShares to appear
  • Fix ImageMagick's crash locks (C:\Temp\magicvimov4)
  • Optimize the folder browser which is very slow on heavy folders and sub-folders
  • Remove drives initialization's "lag"

No idea how to do it (yet)

  • Add a quick but efficient crop independant comparator
  • Add a way to find colored versus black and white dupes
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