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Technical Help

VisiPics is provided "as is", without warranty of any kind and without technical support.

Inquiries and feedback are welcome to my personal email (check VisiPics's Help), or on My talk page.

Known Problems

Fonts are too big and doesn't fit the interface

If you change the screen DPI, Windows will try to adapt VisiPics to the new resolution but will fail. Normal screen DPI is 96, but when you use "Big fonts" Windows changes to 120 DPI. Windows doesn't manage fonts correctly when it tries to resize them. There is no way to force Windows to not resize the fonts without unchecking the "Big fonts" option. Microsoft said Vista fixes this problem.

When I move or delete pictures, remaining pictures overlap

I never managed to reproduce the problem, but I believe it exists because a few people reported it.

VisiPics won't display the thumb-list correctly on Wine

Update Wine to the latest version. I tested VisiPics successfully on Linux. You may deactivate "Balloons" and don't use "Minimize to tray". Those didn't work on my KDE system (you can try on other Window Managers and tell me if it works?).

When I use the "Slower VisiPics" option, it doesn't work anymore

Actually it is working, but very... very... slowly. I noticed this bug after the 1.22 release. It happens when you scan directories containing files which are not pictures. "Slower VisiPics" makes the loader wait a few milliseconds after each load. For exemple, if you have 10 pictures and 1000 text files, it will take 4 minutes to load when it should have taken less than a few seconds, VisiPics waiting a little after each text file.

VisiPics 1.25 fixes this bug.

Sometimes VisiPics freezes for a few seconds, and eat all my memory

Try to use the "Ignore huge images" option, it makes loading slightly slower, but limits the effects of huge pictures on the system. VisiPics will still freeze and eat lots of memory, but WAY less than it should have with loading truely the picture.

VisiPics doesn't detects some duplicates

I teach VisiPics to solve different kind of problems. For exemple, two pictures can have a different contrasts, a title on one, a decorative border on the other, etc... I do my best to tech it everything, but some problems are just too complex to program. For exemple strong rotations, cropped parts and line Art against its colored version are three frequent problems VisiPics isn't able to solve (yet). If you can, send those duplicates to my email, I will use them to tune the algorythm.

I want to move both files in a group, but when I move the first one, the group disapears

Indeed, this is a problem. Hopefully this will be fixed in a future release. I suggest you to double-click on each pictures (it opens the container), then do the move manually.

I loaded my project but nothing happens

The save/load project options are still experimental but should work just fine. Just load your project, then click the "Play" button. It will then regenerate the database ("Work in progress" will appear), and scanning will be eons faster. If I get enough requests, I will improve this option in a future release.

I deleted pictures, but they don't show in the recycle bin

VisiPics never delete pictures itself, it gives the list of files to delete to Windows. Depending on where are the files, and on your configuration, it may not send them to the recycle bin. For exemple, files on a network drive are always destroyed.

I have duplicate animated GIFs, but VisiPics doesn't detect them

VisiPics doesn't work on animations and never will. Try a duplicate files finder for those instead.

Some of my PNG files are black

VisiPics doesn't compare transparency (aka Alpha channel), so it converts transparent parts to black. The picture will look strange, but it shouldn't affect VisiPics' ability to find those duplicates.

The directory box doesn't show "My Pictures"

This is due to an inconsistency in Windows' API and Registry. If you don't use Windows in english, it will most certainly fail to find the "My Pictures" folder.

I don't want to see the pictures set to "Ignore" and it keeps forgetting them

When you save your project, it also saves the "Ignore" state. It is currently not possible to make them invisible, but since I get lots of requests for this, it will certainly be included in the next version.

It crashes or shows an error box

Damn! Please send to my email an explanation of the steps leading to this problem, if possible with a screenshot.

I want to publish VisiPics on my Website, or on a CD-Rom for a magazine

The copyright notice says : " It is strictly forbiden to modify, merge, publish, license, distribute and/or sell copies of VisiPics". Many websites publish VisiPics without authorization... I don't really mind, but I would prefer a link toward my official publisher (see the download link on top of this page). If you want to publish it along with a magazine, contact me by email. I usually ask for an exemple of this magazine. For anything else, contact me by email.

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