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Any idea when the next version is coming out? I'm looking forward to the feature that hides all the pictures that are set to ignore.

Great program.

Andy Posted : 08/March/2010

> Answer :

Sorry Andy,

I still have no defined date of release. Too much professional work, too few free time and motivation to work on VisiPics right now. The 1.30 version still works pretty fine on 32bit systems. When I'll get tired of it, I'll make an update :)

--Ozone Grif 16:29, 14 April 2010 (UTC)

Have to let everyone know about VisiPics, I have or should I say had over 4,000 pictures on my PC. Thanks to your software I now have only 2,354 pictures on my PC. Unfortunately I am one of these guys that downloads everything and anything.Have no idea why, I am not even sure if I am at the right place to tell you all this. VisiPick is got to be the BEST, If I can successfully use it anyone can.

Thanks for this GREAT program

John K.


Hi I'm trialling your software on a 424 GB / 89,000 image server folder and had some questions. I understand you have no intentions on dedicating substantial effort to VisiPics in the near future but just in case you do find some time in the next couple of years ...

Q > You have instructions on most of the controls but not about the Remaining Files | Loaded Pictures | To Compare | Duplicate Pictures | Duplicate Groups section. Most of this is obvious, the duplicate lines are the total images and number of groups of images that are duplicates, the remaining files the images VisiPics has yet to look at but what of Loaded Pictures and To Compare? I assumed Loaded Pictures would be all files once VisiPics looks at them i.e. files move from Remaining Files to Loaded Pictures, but it does not seem to work like that, the status bar sometimes whips through but doesn't transfer numbers to Loaded Pictures. Additionally at the end of one run (overnight - 11 hours per time listed), I had 5,000-6,000 Loaded Pictures instead of the original 116,000 VisiPics started with (Yes I realise I said there were only 89,000 images in the folder so I'm not sure where the additional 27,000 are coming from). I have wondered if maybe VisiPics' access to the images was cut so that the Loaded Pictures returned was the total it managed to review but even if true this needs clarification. I have also never seen anything other than a 0 in the To Compare section. What does this do?

A > At first, VisiPics checks your folders for potential pictures. It counts them if the extension matches his known types of image. That's the remaining files to load count. Then it will truely load the picture, that load can be canceled for various reason : any error while loading the file; or the file size doesn't match the filter set in the Loader tab; or it's an animated picture... Those won't be counted as loaded, but it will still remove one "Remaining file".

Q > Are there any implications for running this cross network? I run this on a desktop and a laptop but the image server is located elsewhere. I imagine this would create higher network traffic but would the program be bottlenecked by the slower data transfer speeds?

A > Theorically it's no problem, but sometimes if the server is a linux using a Samba share, it just doesn't recognize the drive. Else it will just take more time to load the pictures, and indeed increase network traffic.

Q > I'm purely using the software to identify our duplicates and manually de-duplicating. At this stage it's only pure duplicates but I shall loosen the filter step by step as I weed things out - I saw something like 50 pages of results in one partial run! Regretably I can't simply delete images returned as I need to double check our Image Library catalogues to see what records are associated with which versions of the image and redirect/delete as appropriate. Chances are I'm one of the few that isn't happy with simply killing off duplicate assets/images :) Is there any ability to or likilihood of a text output of filenames and folder paths?

A > Sorry, this is not possible in the current version. You will have to check each picture manually, and copy the filename from the status bar. Maybe I can offer you a trick, but I can't support its usage : use the "Ignore folder" button to ignore everything (beware, it will cancel all your marks!), then use the menu "File->Save ignored pictures". This will create a "Ignores.ini" file in VisiPics' folder with all the directories and filenames. Open it with your prefered text editor.

Q > Is there any chance of extending the image files checked? .jpg and .tif and variants are our primary types but we do have a few queer odds and ends courtesy of publishing/Mac folk e.g. .psd, .eps .ai (& various RAW types - .cr2/.raf which I presume are already included).

A > Some of the formats you name require a paying license to be read; You can understand that I can't allow myself to pay thousands of dollars for a freeware. :(

Q > Is there any more word on limits? I've seen between 200,000 and 500,000 images depending on OS & RAM but as we are hoping to progress past the 1,000,000 and need to kill duplicates with a prejudice this version may have limited use once we hit the fail mark. Given we're using XP & 2GB of RAM at present this be sooner (within a year, two at most) rather than later. It is presently much simpler to use, even with our operational limitations, than an alternative and dearer piece of image sorting software we've looked at. Different focus I realise but we don't really care how a program works so long as it does what we need.

A > The limit depends highly on your hardware and software. VisiPics has been tested for 100,000 pictures, above I can't garantee it will work. Some reports shows it can manage 200,000 and starts crashing somewhere between 200,000 and 300,000... A few users manage 500,000 pictures with it. So...

> It's a nice piece of software from what I've seen of it so far, despite my questions and issues. Thanks!

Image Librarian 07:06, 29 April 2010 (UTC)

Bug report

Hello, 125,000 pictures here, yielding 222 pages of duplicates. Moving manually through the pages, the program malfunctions (but does not crash) when I try to move past 193. System is Windows 7 x64. Danceswithzerglings 06:17, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

I managed to do this by splitting the image collection in two equal parts, running VisiPics on each one and deleting duplicates, recombining them, and then running VisiPics it a third time on the entire collection. 14,000 duplicates deleted in total. Danceswithzerglings 02:29, 6 June 2010 (UTC)


Used Visipics and I believe it worked on very small folders of pictures. I had a folder which I edited with Visipics. Visipics said it had 42 pages or so when it completed scanning the folder and two after I finished editing and deleting the duplicates (compliments of picassa). When I looked at my recycle bin, it seemed to have all the photos which I had deleted; however, when I opened the folder after editing all the pictures were still there. It was like the folder was duplicated in Visipics and all the work was done there, but it did not affect the folder on my computer at all. I spent 7 hours deleting these pictures and I don't want to try this again, if I am missing something.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

coleen --Lawco 14:10, 12 July 2010 (UTC)


Would you consider releasing the code as Open Source? I'm a software developer and would like to pick-up where you left off.



Hello Andy,

Yes I might open-source my code. For that kind of question, please contact me directly by email. You know where to find it, I suppose? --Ozone Grif 17:03, 14 November 2011 (UTC)

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