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Just wanted to say that I am really looking forward to some of the changes you plan to make. Especially the thumbnail size option. As computer screens get bigger and have better resolution, differences seen in the smaller thumbs get more and more difficult to see, making it harder to do a quick skim through.

Otherwise, great program you have made here.


Neat program

Um.. heres something that flew through my head so I thought I would float it out there. How about adding "similarity" functionality that groups pics together by statistic averaging. It's kinda like the same thing the program is doing now but instead of finding duplicates it's looking for pictures that may belong to the same "Set" and not duplicates. People could raise or lower the threshold slider, and be shown a group of pictures that the program "thinks" may belong to the same set of pictures. The user could then double click on the ones that don't belong then move the ones that do belong to their own directory. I don't think any program has this abilty yet (could be wrong though) One other thing as far as *No idea how to do it* goes... BW vs Color, in that particular instance could you not just create two reduced images in memory, convert the Color to black and white and compare them that way? Just wondering.. Again thanks for a really cool program.

Match Images With Similar Faces

This would be difficult one... I dont know if it exists, but would be great to be able to match images with similar faces. Probably it may go somethink like, detect faces in all images and then do a "find similar faces" to get images. A very good app. Keep up!

Choosing folders

Hi, thanks for your great software !

Wanted to know if it would be possible to add a "drag folder" option to the VisiPics interface, or a "favorite folders" option, because everytime I launch the software, I must make my way through many subfolders on my harddrive where my pics are stored.

Thanks !


A couple suggestions

Hi. Great software. Finally I can delete the old Unique Filer I have been using for years.

Just a couple quick suggestions:

  • Add a button or option to autoselect / delete completely exact matches. That way I only have to go through the pictures where there actually is a difference
  • Rightclicking a picture now zooms to levels "Fit to screen" and "Orignal Size". Please add the level "2x size"
  • Add saving of last folder position, so I don't have to search for it every time I run the program. If it does not exist (for example if I have deleted it since the last time I used the program), go to the folder above in the tree structure.

Example: If the last used folder was C:\Documents\Username\Pictures\Nikon\Vacation2006\Unsorted\Swimmingpool, and the Swimmingpool folder has been deleted, open the program in C:\Documents\Username\Pictures\Nikon\Vacation2006\Unsorted\

  • I think jpg rotated pictures (90 and 180 degrees rotated) have too high significance for similarity check.



Great application!

- What are vsp files/saved projects? When I specify one on the command-line, I get a modal "work in progress" dialog that stays up a long time. What is it doing? The file is too large just to hold the directory list and options.

- If I have some hits, preview them, and start over, the last preview image stays in the preview pane even though the group is cleared.

- The percent in the system tray hint gets confused sometimes (e.g. "148432%")

- While the comparison is running, either disable all the buttons and options (e.g. disable the menu), or offer to restart the run if any of the changes will affect it (e.g. check for rotated images).

- Add short-cut keys for operations (e.g. "Ignore Group")

- Add directory hierarchy to Auto-Select criteria. For example, always keep the images from directory A over duplicate images in any other directory. This enhancement is a very low priority.

- Allow separate confirmation options for closing the application in general and closing it while it is comparing.

Please let me know if I can do anything to help.


A few more suggestions

First of all, thanks for such an amazing program! I tested lots of similar image comparison utilities, and yours was easy to use, pretty accurate and most of all, extremely fast. :) Now on to my suggestions:

  • A portable version would be amazing, with settings saved to an INI file in the program directory and no Registry access whatsoever.
  • Better 64-bit and multi-processor support.
  • An option to ignore directories before beginning the scan would be great. Scanning all sub-dirs and then ignoring files in some dirs wastes time and needlessly clutters up the results with unwanted files that should have been completely ignored in the first place.
  • An option to not just ignore a group but remove it from the results list altogether would be great.
  • If you can find some way to compare images that have been cropped from the original, that would be simply fantastic. Currently I have images that have been cropped (left & right, or top & bottom, or sometimes even all four), and the program doesn't mark the cropped and original versions as duplicates.
  • Finally, for updating ImageMagick, isn't it possible to simply use the Win32/64 16 bits-per-pixel DLLs? Then users should be able to simply update the DLLs as newer versions are released (as long as the same functions are present, of course).
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