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Feel free to comment, let's make a software you like together.


Suggestion User 1

First off, thanks for the program and it's nice to know that you are still working on it.

My suggestion is that when adding folders they can be added in two different categories, "exempt" folders where images are not compared internally nor with other "exempt" folders and "regular" where they are compared against the complete list of folders.

Suggestion User 2

As suggested, the capacity for huge collections would be good!

Also, try adding some way of outputting the results to a text file. If the manipulation has be performed in another program it'd be easier if it could be automated instead of manually copying the filename of each of the VisiPics results.

Even with its current limitations it's a pretty good piece of software!

Suggestion User 3

I would like to see the ability to remove a folder from the list and have that memory released. With the current version if you remove a folder from the comparison list after it has been loaded the memory allocated still remains in use.

Suggestion User 4

Edit User Bobt755 -- 20/2/2012. I've added some suggestions on the other Q/A page. thanks

Suggestion User 5

  • Thumbnails: I suggest having the thumbnail size changable (small medium bigger?). It is maybe too small in some occasions.
  • Thumbnails: Also i would like to "click ignore" a thumbnail. Maybe pressing Ctrl+click marks "Ignore", pressing Alt + Click marks "Delete" (what currently just is "marked"), shift+click marks "Move", doing a double click marks the whole group (or all thumbnails currently displayed in the group for that matter).
  • Thumbnails: A click without pressing shift-alt or ctrl should not mark the thumbnail ,because thats what i do accidentaly when first using the software. Instead i expect the image to load full size when simple clicking it. On the other hand, the image should not be loaded when simply hovering over the thumbnails. Double clicking a thumbnail should perhaps open it full window! Perhaps that is more intuitive overall.
  • Thumbnails: Also browsing the thumbnails are a bit SLOW, because the pictures are being loaded at the same time. This should be avoided somehow.
  • Thumbnails: Sorting the thumbnails from left to right, where on the left are the best quality images, on the right the least good quality. Maybe this avoids fear of deletion the wrong image.
  • Thumbnails: Marking a group, when the search isnt finished ,causes additionally found pictures to also be marked. Perhaps this isnt a good idea, or should be optional.
  • Thumbnails: Right-Clicking a thumbnail should allow you to to advanced commit actions. For example directly delete a picture, or move one or rename it stuff like that. Marking can be done by left clicking and should be removed from that menu.
  • Interface: A commit button, to apply whatever has been marked accordingly. Ignored pictures = do nothing. Delete marked pictures = delete. Move marked pictures = move them to other folder.
  • Interface: With the changes above the interface should be cleaned up. There may be a button similar to the ones on the right (Tools and Actions) to "unmark everything" ,"autoselect everything" and "commit". That makes 3 buttons, where currently there are 6.
  • Work List: Where you add folders to include, this should also be used to add folders to exclude (ignore). You use currently a button to "ignore folder" but this is unnessesary with the work list. I suggest that simply adding a folder it is set to include by default (with all subdirectories). Clicking a checkbox/button/gizmo on each entry and you can switch it to exclude. Exclude folders override include folders, so that it ensures excluded folders are really excluded, in case the same folder or subfolder is also being included. Perhaps add another checkbox/button/gizmo to enable/disable subfolders. Perhaps this is more intuitive!

That software is great btw! Love it

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