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This is a draft page to share and create the new VisiPics 2.0 .

Your vision, my vision, what's possible or not possible. Use the Talk page to share your ideas. I will try to keep this page as clean as possible, so your advices will be deleted once read and understood. It doesn't mean I accept or refuse it. :)


User experience

What do you think are the strong and weak points of VisiPics 1.3

Strong points

  • Compatible on Linux with Wine

Weak points


  • Installs in english, instead of asking which language to use beforehand


  • The interface isn't intuitive, and a lots of users doesn't even want to try in fear they will delete precious pictures
  • The red/green dots, a lots of users miss their meaning
  • The thumbnails are too small and difficult to read
  • Can't choose the way pictures are sorted
  • You can't choose what informations to display on each picture, and they aren't easy to get
  • The interface can't be customized
  • There are not enough feedback, the user doesn't know if he's deleting the right pictures
  • Compare between folder should be improved, and truely separate both folders on screen
  • Display all groups of duplicates in a single Windowed interface, no pages anymore


  • No command line use for power-users
  • Auto-select is too limited, add a powerful configuration interface
  • It's impossible to see the "ignored" pictures list
  • There is no way to ignore completly a picture from the scan. Add a new type of status, "protected" along with "ignored"
  • A project is very limited use currently. Give more informations to the user about each created project.


  • Crashes on very huge collections, improve to rely on the hard-drive more
  • Crashes on some 64bits systems
  • Current's multithreading is unstable
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